McCarton Ackerman grew up in Connecticut with a loud-mouth catholic and surly Jew as parents. His unique upbringing forced him to have a way with words from the get-go.

His liver miraculously let him graduate from Ohio Wesleyan University in 2008 and he ventured out into the recession with a perfectly useless degree in Creative Writing, completely and utterly screwed.

He took on a series of jobs afterwards including a receptionist, tennis instructor (despite hating coaching) and teacher (despite hating kids) before moving into a writing career. Since then, he has had his work published in Time Out New York, Huffington Post,, and The Fix, among others.

Now, McCarton is bringing his personal experiences and observations to the world of stand-up comedy. Family gatherings gave him the knowledge of how to duck from a flying beer bottle at an early age, so he should be amply prepared.